YOUR Driving Tips For
A Safe, Stress-Free Ride.


Do you know that you can be totally safe on the road?

Do you know it's all in your hands, or should I say, in your mind?

The tips on this website can take your driving to that level, if you apply them. Learn to adopt a 'safety first' mindset.

You'll also find great tips to reduce your driving costs.

Becoming a safe driver can be fun and very satisfying, especially when getting all those compliments from your passengers.

When you enjoy driving with nothing to prove, others enjoy riding with you. So get ready to being asked to drive a lot of the time.

I tested these driving tips over 30 years as a full-time Professional Driver in my home town of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The ones that worked for me added together to make me the driver that I am today.

Learn to make good driving habits a part of who you are when you're driving. You'll be amazed at what else you learn on your own about who you can be as a driver and a person.

Tips On Using This Site. At the bottom of each page you will find links. Some links are lists of related pages, as below.

Other pages only have James, my virtual driver, who will be happy to take you back to the previous, or home, page.

Over the years I have come to the conclusion that when I operate out there in the world with an expectation of safety, that's what I get.

This is in contrast to how I understood this in my 20's. Back then I believed that nothing would happen to me so I could do anything. So I did some crazy things that really pushed my limits.

Not so anymore. I still believe that I will be totally safe. What is different now is that I align my actions with my expectations. I know what my limits are and no longer need to test them. I drive well within my limits in what I have come to call, 'The Safety Zone'.

The Most Important Safe Driving Tip Is:

Always drive, within your 'safety zone' and

according to weather, road and traffic conditions.

Throughout this site I use these driving tips as the base on which everything else rests. The way I drive aligns with the idea that I am in charge of my overall safety, and the proper care of my vehicle.

Benefit from my 30 years of full-time driving experience. Absorb these driving tips, especially the ones that may seem a bit 'off the wall'.

Use these tips to boost your confidence. Be ready for anything on the road. Believe that you can be safe - All The Time!

Explore this site. Browse through the links below along with the links you'll find at those pages. I hope you'll find some interesting and useful stuff.

Keep up on additions to this site by subscribing to my RSS feed. Just click on the Orange button (above left) and follow the instructions, no e-mail address required.

Feel free to use the Contact Me form if you have any suggestions, questions or issues you'd like addressed.

As always: drive safe, drive smart and...

Enjoy The Ride.

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Driving Safety Tips To Lower Your Costs And Help You Live Longer

Drive more confidently with less stress. Lower operating costs and live longer with safe driving habits. Try these driving safety tips as part of your daily driving.

I Love Parking Signs. I Consider Them Free Advice On Saving Money

Parking signs exist for a reason. I always take the time to read them and figure out where to park my car legally. It's the easiest money that I consistently save.

Share The Road Easier By Understanding Other Vehicles' Peculiarities

Hear from others that share the road. Learn what to watch for when you see different vehicles in various situations. You can even share your opinions and advice.

Free Online Car Insurance Quotes Allow Easy Car Insurance Comparison

Free online car insurance quotes allow you to easily compare rates and services at your convenience. Many also offer informative articles on various aspects of insurance.

The Purpose Of Drivers Education Is To Teach One How To Keep Learning

Drivers education is not just a way to get one's driver's license. It is about how one can keep an open mind and learn from one's driving experiences, year after year.

Better Gas Mileage Is Not About How Fast You Go But How You Go Fast

Many tips for better gas mileage return little savings which are wiped out the first time you try to beat someone away from a light. The best way to better mileage is here...

Easy Car Maintenance Tips To Increase Your Savings and Your Car's Life

My car maintenance tips will give you some simple things to check on your vehicle to keep your car running smoother and give you more confidence to speak to a mechanic when you need more help.

Tested Tire Care Tips To Reduce Wear On Your Tires And Extend Their Life

Tire care is more than just cleaning your sidewalls. Here you'll find tips on how to treat your tires that will make for smoother rides and longer tire life.

Car Repairs Are Those That Happens When Good Maintenance Is Ignored

I describe car repairs as the kind of car problems that often requires a tow truck. Tell your auto mechanic about noises and shaking that you notice. Do regular maintenance.

Synthetic Oil Changes Can Take You Beyond The 3,000 mile (5,000 km) Limits

Oil changes can be greatly extended by appropriate use of synthetic lubricants. Find the knowledge here that will give you the confidence to care for your vehicle your way.

Get Owners Manuals As Free Downloads Or Fair Priced Hard Copies Here

Owners manuals are useful when becoming acquainted with a new, or different, vehicle. You learn about your car's unique features and what all those buttons on the dash do.

Learn About Me and My Driving Experiences From Tractors To Taxis and Beyond.

This story is about me and how I gained my driving experience and brought my driving skills and confidence up to the professional level which I enjoy today.

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